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Mrs Sparklin Posts: 85
Hi guys can any of ye please advise me on this. I went for a scan on Friday, totally seperate to pregnancy,to do with a pain I've had for months in my side. I'm just over six weeks, but while there I told the doc I was pregnant and asked could he see the baby. He showed me the 'pregnancy sac' but concluded the scan by saying ;"I dont even know at this stage if it will turn into anything." I'm out of my head with worry now was was told I had PCOS and would never conceieve so having concieved within a month of first starting trying I am overjoyed. Has anyone had a similiar experience? all replies would be so appreciated x
anya Posts: 187
Hi mrs sparklin, I'm sure he was referring to the pain in your side and whatever is causing it as opposed to your pregnancy. I'm sure that a doctor wouldnt flippantly make a comment about your pregnancy like that. Dont be worrying :wv
Mrs Sparklin Posts: 85
No we had talked all about the pain in my side and was talking about the 'pregnancy sac'. I'm in an awful state as just googled it and loads of people have had empty sacs. Wasnt that an awful thing for him to say to me so early on? Plus lots of women said they could see the baby in the sac at six weeks. I'm going out of my mind here!
newone Posts: 1714
Mrs Sparklin, that was stupid thing for the doctor to say, although I am not surprised as I have met some who just don't seem to have a clue how to relate to people at all. >:o( You are only 6 weeks, so all that they should see is the pregnancy sac. In a week or so they will see the sac and the heartbeat. When I was arranging the early scan with the early pregnancy unit they didn't want to see me until I was nearly 8 weeks, to make sure they could see something. So try not to worry. If you could, talk to your GP and tell him what the doctor said to you at the scan and say you are worried and could they arrange an early scan in a couple of weeks for you to put your mind at ease. Try not to worry :lvs
Ellore Posts: 46
[color=indigo:3ga937hh]It must be really upsetting for you to have your doctor make such a flippant remark, especially with you being so happy to have conceived so quickly suffering with PCOS (though I'm surprised you were told before that that you would never conceive, I work with a girl who had PCOS and has gone on to have 2 very healthy babies, also Victoria Beckham suffered with PCOS and she's got 3 kids, so it's definitely possible). I remember having a scan years ago for an ovarian cyst and the doctor pointed out the cyst on the screen, using the word "[i:3ga937hh]tumour[/i:3ga937hh]" as he dictated his notes. He was obviously using the word in the context of an abnormal growth of cells, but of course I was totally freaked thinking does that mean I have cancer? I didn't and the cyst went away by itself after, but sometimes doctors don't realise the effect their words can have on a patient. You went for your scan to look for the cause of the pain in your side, so he obviously wasn't concentrating on the pregancy side of things. Maybe you should ask your GP to refer you for an early pregnancy scan in whatever hospital you were planning to attend, or even organise one for yourself privately. This will be specifically to check on your pregnancy and you'll be able to ask whatever questions you have. Just had a quick google there and found this on "[i:3ga937hh]Occasionally a Fetal Viability Scan may be inconclusive, especially if the gestational age is less than 6 weeks. It may therefore be necessary to repeat the scan in 5-10 days, or to correlate the ultrasound results with a blood test measuring pregnancy hormone levels[/i:3ga937hh]." I know what you had wasn't a fetal viability scan, but maybe it is just the fact that you had the scan so early on that the doc said what he said (though he still shouldn't have been so insensitive). Fingers crossed everything works out for you[/color:3ga937hh] *)
mrs mammy Posts: 1487
Mrs Sparklin, I dont think they would be able to see the baby at 6 weeks, I had a mc back in July and the dr at the epu refused to do a scan on me, he said there was no point cos he wouldnt be able to see anything that it was too early. Maybe you should go back to your own dr just to put your mind at ease?
shellzey Posts: 185
Hi Mrs Sparklin, I can understand why you are worried after what he said but to be honest I think his comment was just stupid! I had a private scan (when I thought I was 8 weeks) and they could only see the sac and nothing in it.But then she did an internal & we could see babs & the heartbeat :lvs . It turned out I was only 7 weeks and was too early to see anything on ultrasound. I am sure it is just way too early to see anything, try not to worry. HTH :wv
Emsey Posts: 76
i had the same issue..i has a scan at 6 weeks and thought i was 7 + and all they could see was an empty sac.they told me to come back in 2 weeks and it was all good..its too early at 6 weeks to see anything so try not to worry.
byebye Posts: 599
That was silly comment for the doctor to come out with. I had a similar experience at 6wks (don't have PCOS though) but it was explained to me that because I was showing a "weak pregnancy" on 3 occasions that the sac may be empty and to come back in 2 wks to check for a heartbeat. Had my scan last wk and seen the heartbeat, but like you I was out of my mind with worry.. Looking back, I prob should have relaxed as much as I could.. (oh all my scans were internal- was told that all scans under 12wks are best done internally) I had gone to an EPU (Early Pregnancy Unit) due to severe pains. Your GP can refer you to one due to the PCOS. I hope it all works out for you and try not to worry too much.
alton Posts: 3077
Do they suck the bedside manner out of doctors at medical school or something? Even I'm stunned at how stupid and insensitive that was, and my expectations aren't particularly high. Keep in mind that the doctor's area of expertise isn't pregnancy and take the comment with a pinch of salt. If you had gone for a scan with someone who spends all day every day looking at embryos, then the comment would have more weight. Basically, I'd be inclined to think of his comment as I don't know if it will develop.....(I, not being an expert, cannot say with certainty) rather than I don't know if it will develop ....(medical science cannot say at this point) Try not to worry (easier said than done) and take it easy on yourself.