Really worried...what should I do now?

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bunsy2 Posts: 21
Hi I'm about 6.5 weeks and this morning at 8am I got some light bleeding. It was v light, watery bleeding. Went to loo again at 9 and it's the same. I'm very worried that this is a threatened MC. Felt terrible on Sat. Very tired and terrible headache. Yesterday I felt totally grand and today I feel fine too. So what should I do now? Have any of you been through this? At what stage should I ring the hospital? apt was booked for 21 sept. I am trying not to panic but can feel tears bubbling. Luckily I have DD to entertain. Going to playground now. Thanks for any help. B
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
id go to the hosp and go to there early pregnancy unit today hun they will do a scan and possibly some bloods to see whats happening... a lot of women have bleeding in pregnancy and go on to have healthy babies but its always best at your stage to get checked out.
Mrsexcited Posts: 927
i would go to the hospital as well like sparkly said and they will do a scan and tests and then you will know for sure. some people get bleeding at start of preganancy and throughout. good luck and i hope all will be okay.
bunsy2 Posts: 21
Thanks so much for your replies. Rang the hospital and am going to the EPU in the morning. Fingers crossed all will be ok. Haven't had any spotting since. It was light brown spotting so I hope it's just innocent but will find out one way or the other tomorrow. Just need to get through the rest of the day now without going into complete meltdown!! B
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
bunsy2 easier said than done I know but try not to get too stressed or worked up today. Best of luck tomorrow hun :action32 :action32
black pearl Posts: 3513
hey bunsy 2, try not to worry this happen to me at exactly the same stage i had bright red blood and then brown blood every day for a week, i went to hosp first day they did scan and said too early for them to tell anything, and that bed rest for a week and come back in, well everyday for a week i had brown discharge everytime i went to loo, i was freaked out and was certain the outcome was bad, but when i went back they could see a strong heartbeat and said it was all old blodd and all was fine, seeing as you have no pain hopefully all will be ok! :action32
mammybean Posts: 10364
Good luck tomorrow x
bunsy2 Posts: 21
Thanks so much everyone for the replies. Thankfully I was able to get a good nights sleep but this morning there was more dark brown blood. I had prepared myself for the worst. I went to the EPU this morning and thank god they were able to see the baby on the scan with the wee heartbeat flickering away. It was such a relief. They said sometimes mums just bleed for no known reason and that as long as I felt everything was going ok and was feeling ok that was the main thing. I have to go back in 4 weeks to be checked again or contact them if there are any changes in the meantime. They were all very nice in there, especially the midwife. Again thank you all for the replies, helped put my mind at rest. I won't really let myself believe it until I get past the 12/14weeks stage. The EPU really makes you feel for the heartbreak that many couples go through with a MC. Everyone that was there this morning seemed to be relieved so I assume they got good news too. But I suppose not everyone does...... :o( What would we do without WOL!!!!
baba2010 Posts: 247
Delighted you got good news! Will pray you get to 12 weeks without anymore worries! Stay strong - they are tougher than we think.
mammybean Posts: 10364
thank god you got good news xx