Reccomendations Double buggy Side by side or front/back

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Snugglebuggle Posts: 1084
Hi girls Due baby number 2 in 2weeks roughly and am thinking will I get a double buggy or not our DD is 2 and half but I do alot of walking we do live close to local shops but its just the danger of the road and walking slow hoping to loose a few pounds afterwards :) Anyway was looking at the Out and About looks very good and I know a few people that have em.I have a Quinny belong to DD and was going to use the pram bit now for baby the first few weeks then wait and get the double buggy oh I dunno. Priced the Out and About its €400 will i get the use out of it ??????????????? anyone in same boat ???? or reccommend other types ??
M1 Posts: 235
Hello, A lot of double buggies are quite expensive, especially if one or both are designed for newborn. Front and back are easiest to get around so keep that in mind maybe. The cheapest I've seen is the europa by Love and Care which is 199 online now and cheap enough in smyths too. Best of luck..
Happy Mammie Posts: 1507
Hi i bought an out & about but im not due baby till 4 more weeks. i got it second hand on rollercoaster for €200. foot muffs and all. so try get it second hand. like you i have a 2 year old. The girl i bought it from used it for 6 months so if i get 6 months out of it and sell it on i wont be doing too bad. The out & about is the lightest twin buggy out there.