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orla2007 Posts: 34
Hi Girls, got a BFP on Sat and had it confirmed by doc excited we havent told anyone yet. I have had af like aches for last few days but nothing yesterday or today no sickness either is this normal? When does the ms kick in.....swore I was not going to get as obsessed about this as ttc'ing but just wondering what way ye are feeling? Tnx.
sinion Posts: 6050
congrats!! :o)ll I've had the period pains too just after bfp and for me ms didn't kick in until 6 weeks, hopefully for you it may not come at all!
tinyfairy Posts: 1536
Congrats Orla. Yep had AF cramps all the time, still have them now! It's all your bits and bobs stretching to make way for the growing baby. MS started at 8 weeks for me, don't be wishing for it, it's awful! Constantly going to the loo kicked in at about 9/10 weeks x Enjoy :o)ll
goldfisher Posts: 439
Getting slight AF pains all the time especially at night. MS hasn't kicked in yet hopefully won't either. Best of luck with our pregnancy!!!
bridalnowmam Posts: 2202
I am 8 wks and MS has kicked in...except it lasts all day No energy, tired all the time Went to doc as I was very weak getting up yest morning, he just said it is very normal and that if I am going to suffer from MS then this is my peak wk for it to begin He just gave me vitimin B6, said it might help with the nausea I really hope so as I hate feeling like this, i know it will be worth it but its just hard when I feel so unwell !!!!!
jamie1 Posts: 94
I'm only just 4 weeks gone and have had had very mild AF type cramps, loads of creamy CM, only barely perceptable nausea. *)