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maidmarian Posts: 280
Trying to sort out or church music at the moment. Have most of it decided but just cant choose what to have at the end as we walk down the aisle. would love something a bit cheerful :o)ll any suggestions?
ydouwant2no Posts: 108
We are having Eva Cassidy's Songbird - don't know if you'd call it exactly cheerful though. Also like the idea of Michael (was it bolton or ball can't remember!) love changes everything
kismo Posts: 214
we are having carpenters, we've only just begun
fifi28 Posts: 481
we were at a wedding recently where they had oh happy day as they were leaving it was sang by a gospel choir
Sean Og Posts: 26
Recessional music? Whats that? Is the economy [i:zevfic4y]that[/i:zevfic4y] bad that you are going to play sombre music in the church :o0
lil kim Posts: 436
Were thinking of having All you need is love by the Beatles, but were having a string quartet so dont know how it will sound if we go with it.
June09SoExcited Posts: 598
We're thinking of "Top of the World" by the Carpenters. :wv
katlong Posts: 121
We're having signed sealed delivered I'M YOURS