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Jawl Posts: 8881
Hi Girls, Trying to use up what's in my freezer, it's like Antartic and badly needs to be defrosted so anything that didn't get binned for being in there so long is getting used and I refuse to buy anything more to go in it. I've got a savoury mince pack in the cupboards and a carton of minced steak in the freezer. Anybody got a recipe for it to make something along the lines of a stew/casserole? Please :-)
Snuffy Posts: 1492
Shepards pie? Fry the mince, bang in some onions, carrots, peas and other veg if u want, whack some mashed spuds on top, brush with milk and bang in d oven?
Elban26 Posts: 2458
Was just about to suggest Shepard's Pie but snuffy got there first!
Snuffy Posts: 1492
Go me :o)ll
Jawl Posts: 8881
I've done Shep Pie to death!
Snuffy Posts: 1492
Savoury mince and buttery garlic mash? Don't think u can do anything too adventurous.
JustBecause Posts: 3242
Lasange? Chilli Con Carne? Meatloaf? Some stew receipes on this link: ... cipes.html
Jawl Posts: 8881
[quote="Snuffy":3pmg9cjf]Savoury mince and buttery garlic mash? Don't think u can do anything too adventurous.[/quote:3pmg9cjf] Tell me more!
galwaygirl2010 Posts: 2447
Tacos or encheiadas (spelling!!). Just buy the taco shells or wraps in Dunnes. For the encihladas - put the cooked mince in the wraps, roll them up, put in a dish with a tomato sauce and grated cheese over the top and bake - a little like this recipe but with mince: ... iladas.htm
Snuffy Posts: 1492
See with the savoury mince you could throw in any frozen veg you might have. For the mash to do it properly I'd say roast a bulb of garlic with olive oil in the oven for an hour, then leave to cool before using it, but for weekday convenience you could just use garlic butter instead an leave it melt in the pan and fry slightly before mashing. Mmmm I love garlic!