Reclaiming revenue expenses

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BatoutofHell Posts: 100
I am going through our Med1, bin charges etc and just wondering to request a balancing statement from the revenue do both parties need to be in employment? I have been unemployed for 2yr, do I request a balancing statement on my hubbys P60?
theoracle Posts: 7664
Have you transferred your tax credits to him? Mostly if there would be a discrepancy in tax paid if there has been a change in circumstances, a pay rise or reduction, change of job, you got married and are assessed together instead of separate etc. Yes, it would be based on his P60, but chances are if nothing happened during the tax year that if he is PAYE there is not going to be any refund, unless you transferred your tax credits to him and they haven't been consistently taken into account. For the year you stopped working in you need to submit your p45, you can go back up to 4 years (ie back to 2005)
annonTTCer Posts: 532
you should register online through and then select register for PAYE anytime