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mamabrod Posts: 830
....for a clueless Mammy & Daddy-to-be! I know there is no definitive manual but just something to help us with the basics of looking after a little one! Thanks in advance O-O
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
i dont have it, my sister has it and she said its very good. its the 'what to expect...the first year'. i have the 'what to expect when your expecting' and found that really good. did you do antenatal classes? why du think your clueless??
mamabrod Posts: 830
Thanks pregnant dancer, i was thinking of that one actually as, like you I have the what to expect when you are expecting. We are starting antenatal classes next week :o)ll it was meant tongue in cheek, Its just neither of us have experience with babies/kids, DH has never even held a baby...this will be first baby on both sides of family, we have no nieces/nephews etc
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
ah dont worry, the classes are great! really helped my hubby, he has nieces but hes a bloke so wouldnt be around babies that much! he changed his first nappy the other night at friends hse on a6mth old! and helped feed it too!! my firend said its amazing when the baby is born, its like the man has an instinct too!! can hold, bath, nappies etc my advice is to let him make mistakes, hubby did the bathing at antenatal and actually did a great job, it was like he knew what to do!! it will be fine!
punkybrewster Posts: 290
My hubby had never held a newborn before our DD was born, and neither of us had changed a nappy let alone a newborns dirty nappy in our lives!!!!! Well, I can tell you, you get the grasp of it fairly quickly! In fact I decided to check my DDs nappy on the bed in the hospital when she was about an hour old, and there was a big poo in it- so I said- off I go, I'll change her now, well, four million cotton balls later, and a lot of sweat, she had a (poorly put on) clean nappy on. Then the midwife came in and killed me for changing her nappy on the bed, as they were only insured to have babys nappy changed in the nursery! We got a present of the what to expect book, but to be honest, I still haven;t opened it to this day!!
happy mummy Posts: 424
I've bought the WTE The First Year but find the size of it a little daunting at the moment. I also picked up Your Baby Week By Week. Its broken down into sections that make it a lot easier to tackle. Even my hubby, who hasn't read a book since he was in his leaving cert all those many moons ago, has read the first quarter of the book and has even marked some pages we might find particularly useful! Here's the Amazon link if you want to have a look for yourself
mrsmiaow Posts: 356
I am using the "What to expect when you're expecting" and I love it!
mamabrod Posts: 830
Thanks a million girls, really appreciate all the replies! Will check out the link to Amazon book, thanks a mil. Pregnant dancer, what do you mean, your DH bathed the baby at antenatal class? do they have a baby at them?? or a doll or something? sorry for silly question! :-8