recommend a good band?

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gumdrops2007 Posts: 63
can anyone recommend a really good wedding band for sept 2013? want a band that will keep the dancefloor full all night but maybe a little different. My sister had the marvels last year and they were amazing but obviously don't want to have them also. Any suggestions would be appreciated
grogmg Posts: 455
let us know where your are based and we might be able to help you more, i donegal so no point in giving you bands if you are nowhere near there!!
jordan13 Posts: 71
We booked Harlequin for our 2013 wedding! Got great reviews on here and we've gone to see them twice and found them to be amazing!
BestXmas Posts: 461
Pink Champagne are fantastic!
gumdrops2007 Posts: 63
from waterford wedding reception is brandon house hotel in new ross
NoRegrets Posts: 63
If you like the big band syle - the Pearly Whites are excellent IMO and we have booked them. 10 piece band and they're based around Clonmel. Also heard very good things about the Panoramics. Pink Champagne and after Dark are good too. These 3 are your regular 4/5 piece male band. It really is up to you to choose the style ye'd like!! And, go see and hear them - MOST IMPORTANT bit of advice :-) Good luck!