recommend a good restaurant in Limerick

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dresstoimpress Posts: 1719
Just wondering if there are any good Italian restaurants in Limerick?? Or any good places that I'm missing out on???? We go to The Cornstore a lot, and Freddy's Bistro, Jasmine palace, Texas Steakhouse and Luigi Malones sometimes too. Where does everyone else go for a nice meal??
CarrieCupcake Posts: 23
Bella Italia on Thomas Street, the best in Limerick. Yummy Yummy :)
Elban26 Posts: 2458
Chocolat!!!! This restaurant was recommended to me by a fellow wollie and the food was fantastic and the menu choice and price was unbelievable. I'd definitely recommend it. I've told friends about it since and some have gone while on holiday there. They thought it was fabulous. ETA link :wv
ZeldaToo Posts: 553
+ 1 for Chocolat Not sure if it's just us but the Jasmine doesn't seem as good as it used to be :o( miss the fixed menu with those lovely cripsy duck pancakes :lvs
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
there was a restaurant in raheen called penz...i dont know if its still open or not but it used to be gorge.....
ThinkingPositive Posts: 161
The French Table on Steambost Quay is gorgeous, ate there last week and couldn't recommend it highly enough. The area can be a little dodge though, have heard car regularly get broken into in the car park close by, but the restaurant itself and food are fab :o)ll [url:ya1oe0cq][/url:ya1oe0cq] also the Brasserie at One Pery Square is fantastic [url:ya1oe0cq][/url:ya1oe0cq]
stockbroking bride Posts: 2642
County Limerick - but The Mustard Seed is fab.
piptypibe Posts: 122
Chocolat must be fab! We tried going there during the summer. Not alone had they no tables that (Tuesday) night but they were booked out for the week!!!
dresstoimpress Posts: 1719
[quote="CarrieCupcake":3niagurs]Bella Italia on Thomas Street, the best in Limerick. Yummy Yummy :)[/quote:3niagurs] Foe some reason I always thought that only opened by day, must definitely try it now. Thanks for all the suggestions. I've been to chocolat before. Really liked it!! I've never heard of the French table, so thats definitely one to add to the list. There is a gang of us who go for dinner once a month in Limerick, and I'm kinda of getting tired of the same places. Its great to hear of a few different spots to try!!