Recommend a GP in Dublin 16

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S0phia Posts: 367
I have been with the same doctor since I was a child which i sprobably why I keep going back to him. Now that I have a child and one on the way I would like to move GP's to one which I actually like! I dont mind man or woman but if you have any recommendations it would be great...thxs!
Nadie Posts: 1111
I go to Dr William O'Brien - he's in the Superquinn shopping centre in Knocklyon and is lovely. Always considers the problem from all angles and takes his time. Beware the weapon he works with though - she is brutal. I always just wait until he's available rather than book in to see her!
S0phia Posts: 367
Thanks amil Nadie. I am thinking of doing combined care - have you been seeing him during your pregnancy?
Nadie Posts: 1111
He doesn't actually do combined care. So I just see the midwives instead of the GP. If you're in the Coombe you can see them up in Jobstown - it's nearest for me anyway. But it shows you how mad about him I am cos I'm not changing GPs!
nini83 Posts: 1917
Hi Sophia my gp is tim gleeson on the grange rd rathfarnham love him he is brill im going private so not seeing him throughout pregnancy but did see him to confirm bfp and after an early bleed and he was great hth xx
mrs gerard Posts: 1669
hi girls i am in the same boat, i need a new GP and live in D16. I have heard there is a female doctor in the Scholarstown Family Practice and also the practice by the Blue Haven pub, does anyone kow what these ladies are like? thank you! :wv
marriedLife Posts: 1881
Girls I know it's slightly outside the area you's are talking about but thee is a doctors practice up beside Scholar's Pub called The Old Court Medical Center - I moved beside here about 5 years ago and went here and the female doctor is brilliant (Doctor Sunitia) - I would highly recommend her.
sisterbliss Posts: 82
If you are thinking of the practice opposite the BLue Haven beware of the male doctor in there. He was my Dad's GP, and I had to go down to him during the summer after my Dad died (of lung cancer) to get some form signed. I had never met him before and nearly the first thing he said to me was - "So, was it traumatic in the end?" :eek I was so shocked I nearly fell off the chair. What did he expect me to say? Em, no it was fine actually, bit of a walk in the park for him, he takes everything in his stride... F****cker. >:o( This was only a week or 2 after he had died. I was barely able to drive home after. :o( :o(
mrs gerard Posts: 1669
oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek :eek