Recommend a nice restaurant in Dublin City???

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SenoritaH Posts: 167
Hey, myself &the hubby are heading to Michael Buble next weekend... we are staying up in Dublin City for the night. :) We are looking to have a nice meal before or after the concert any recommendations???
MizMelanie Posts: 1443
Oh yummy - going out for dinner my favourite pastime! :o)ll If you like French food - L'Gueuleton - you can't book but waiting times are never very long and you can have a drink at the bar while you wait. That said if you'd rather have somewhere booked then Coppinger Row is also lovely. Asian - Diep Le Shaker, Koh or Saba are all lovely. Diep is probably my fav! If you'd rather somewhere near/in the IFSC then La Cuvee wine bar is fab, as is Ely CHQ. Enjoy!!
zoesmama Posts: 2774
starbar10 Posts: 991
Eden is Temple Bar is a very nice "swish" restaurant and they have a really good early bird not sure if its available on Saturdays though Il Primo is a nice Italien Restaurant on St Stephens Green If you are looking for a nice but inexpensive restaurant then I would reccommend Italien Connection its on talbot Street (just off O Connell Street) The Bank is on Dame Street and have a nice mix of food its a bar but they have a nice seating area for dinner upstairs. Dandelion do buy one get one free its beside Stephens Green Shopping Centre (again a bar but a restaurant at the back) portions are large and food is always good there and BOGOF is always nice to the pocket :)
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
Another vote for The Trocadero. We've been there a couple of times and the food is always great. [url:3dvggea1][/url:3dvggea1] Fire is my favourite and we've gone there alot aswell. I just :lvs the food and atmosphere there. [url:3dvggea1][/url:3dvggea1] Alfies is a lovely place too and reasonable as I recall. [url:3dvggea1][/url:3dvggea1]
chloe2009 Posts: 454
I havent been yet (getting brought for my birthday next month) but this place looks fab - its Dylan McGrath's new restaurant Also really good is brasserie66 Enjoy :wv
SenoritaH Posts: 167
Thanks for all your recommendations girls! Will check those out O-O
Lilica Posts: 755
I also LOVE the Trocadero - more for the atmosphere than the food really. Been there loads of times and never tire of it. The Winding Stair is also lovely. Food is delicious.
SpringChicken Posts: 666
I like Toscana on Dame Street. It has great Italian food and a great atmosphere but isn't overly fancy. [url:14jrejvl][/url:14jrejvl]