Ladies, I'd like to recommend the excellent photographer I had to take photos of my little man, I saw the link on a old post on here, I contacted Nida as she lives very close by, which was so handy for me, and with a 3 wk old that was important to me. Now she did tell me while I was chatting to her that she plans on updating her website. She was so helpful, really chatty when I called her and really open to my ideas and had great suggestions. She used to have a business in the UK photographing Newborns, so she really knew what she was at, takaing the most gorgeous pics of him wrapped up in blankets, scarfs, wooly hats, really nice poses of him naked on a red velvet throw (but not showing anything) and even though I initially just wanted pics of him, she encouraged myself and hubby to get into a few also, I cannot wait to see them :o)ll :o)ll I knew once he had grown out of his newborn clothes at 3 weeks I got really sad, and def made me go online do a bit of research to get some nice pics of him before he's all grown up! I would recommend her 100% if you are considering getting some special pictures of your little one. I had asked my dad to come round to take some as he has a top of the range camera/lens etc he kept saying he must get round to it however now that I had them done professionally, myself and my dad would never have got the poses/lighting and props the same way Nida had captured my little one.