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hols1 Posts: 7
Hiya, After searching for weeks on all the travel system options available,wondering which one is the best...So many to choose from & my mind is boggled!! Graco quatro from smyths seems like a good deal & wondering if many of ye have it? The maxi car seat seems good & good offer on in but what buggy/pram would you have to get with it? Im totally confused & any advice would be appreciated
Martiespride Posts: 997
my head is melted too. i almost bought the graco quatro too and went to see my friend who bought it and she said it was too big to fold up, to heavy to lift into boot and she had to get an insert to put into car seat because the material was too rough for a new borns head. its good to talk to other mums who have bought prams. 3 other of her friends bought the graco too and they all have bought something else since. they were in a coffee shop chatting one day and said if they had their time back again they would buy a maclaren, because its much lighter and folds up smaller. they found the graco too big to get in through doors etc. im getting the maxi cosi car seat and some pram... as i said head melted. im dreaming about them at this stage!!!!
JT Posts: 397
Hi girls, I went for the Mamas and Papas Ultima 8 in 1 option. The package includes the car seat, carry cot (which can be used as an overnight bed), pushchair (which goes both ways) and a stand for the carry cot. As husband's family live 1 1/2 hours away, I wanted a good carry cot and I wanted the baby to be able to face me. The car seat also gets a fairly good review on the Which website (not one of the best buys though.) I think some of the combinations are a bit gimmicky - one is a high chair using the stand + the pushchair interior but as the girl in the shop pointed out to me, it's unlikely to be used as it's hand wash only interior and not a wipe clean material the way you would want for a high chair. All that said, it's hard to know til you use it in practice. It's a fairly bulky chassis when collapsed down but I liked all the options it gives. The package + 2 bases (one isofix, one standard) came to £625 and the shop has then given me 15% off all stock for the next 3 months. HTH!
Maybump Posts: 527
I want a travel system that had a push chair, carry cot and car seat. I did a lot of research and a friend that worked in mamas and papas helped out too. I found the one below and she said it was the exact same as one m&P did so I ordered it. With the sterling as good at the moment it worked out really good value. ... duct#video [url=] [img:1ipwjori];18;96/st/20090426/dt/5/k/cf9a/preg.png[/img:1ipwjori] [/url]
firefly78 Posts: 312
hi hols1, This question might confuse you more as everyone will have different needs but we went up north last week all set to get one travel system but changed our mind when we got there! Mothercare have a new one out called Mychoice, it goes with the maxi cosi car seat but is not available down here yet and they dont know when it will be. It is just one seat unit plus car seat and as we are limited in space this suited us, the carrycot changes to turn into the buggy that you will need up to the age of 4/5 so no extra bits lying round the house. it cost 550 including car seat and isofix base and pram/buggy. Also it's designed by Quinny so good all rounder I thought. Everyone is different tough so take your time choosing. Good luck
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Sorry to start to confuse everyone but we have the Graco Quattro and find it great. DD is 14mths now and we still use it 3 or 4 times a week. Yes it is heavy but I have no problem lifting it in and out of the car (and I'm pregnant). It does take up a lot of room in the boot but we have a people carrier so it's got a big boot. Wouldn't consider changing the buggy - I've never had a problem getting in doorways. Well maybe I don't fit into small boutique shops but I prefer to go to them on my own anyway.
Mrs..D Posts: 1741
Rocket Queen I'm so glad you posted that. I know someone who has it and finds it great too. We bought the Graco last wkend and I got worried when I saw someone posting that 3 of her friends have all changed it, it's good to hear you find it good as well, it's put my mind at ease!! I have a VW Polo so i hope it fits in that, I think it should do.. I think the problem getting through doors can be a problem with most buggies not just the Graco
fifteensept Posts: 565
Firefly78.....i just checked out the Mothercare MyChoice it looks really nice do you know what age/weight is the max it carries
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Mrs D the buggy fits in the boot of my mam's Clio. I don't think it lies down flat in the boot, but it stands on it's side iykwim. If it fits in that car it should fit in your Polo.
obbride Posts: 111
I got a graco quatro last weekend too. they were sold out in two smyths, but got them in smyths in tallaght. hubbie insisted on getting something 'sturdy' and 'reliable', where i thought lightweight was best, but considering i wanted a carry cot, carseat and buggy, especially with the carrycot, a heavier buggy just felt sturdier and safer for when they are new born, no chance of tipping backwards etc.. so went with the graco and will use it for at least the first year and half, and then according to what everyone else i know does, i'll buy a €50 or €60 lightweight buggy for when they are 2 and 3, that folds up really small and is lightweight. it's hard to get one thing that will do the job for a newborn, and a toddler later on.