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aston Posts: 4100
Hi guys, Time of year again and this year I want to book a villa! We will go anywhere, within reason :o0 ! Does anyone know any good websites or anyone have any friends who have villas to rent out over the summer etc? There will be the two of us and my SIL, BIL and two children so it must sleep 6. Also air conditioning is a must! Just want a bit of sun this year as we didnt have a sun holiday last year! Any help appreciated! Thanks a mill :wv
Senorita Posts: 3413
For villas in Greece, this company has a good reputation Have a look at the forum, for tips on resorts. They are based in Corfu. A fellow Wollie has used them before afair. I love Greece, and would choose it year after year. Another company you could look at is James Villas They have property all over the med. have some villas in the Algarve too Happy researching!! (I love going through all the options/choices for summer hols, enjoy :thnk )
jen09 Posts: 1390
Aston we are getting married in Nerja in Sept & although we have booked an apartment we found loads of lovely villas available in this area. It's really beautiful & loads to do etc. Just google villas to rent in Nerja & you should find loads. And only 2.5hrs to Malaga airport from Dublin & then 45min drive
Oct09B2B Posts: 374
We used Garruchavillas last year and loved it. They are an Irish family with a holiday home in a fishing village in Spain. The complex and house were lovely and the village was gorgeous. Site is Good luck.
aston Posts: 4100
Thanks guys! Head is wrecked from looking up villas nearly all day! Didnt get any work done :-8 ! Thanks again :wv