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redalertoz Posts: 316
Hi all :wv I need to know if anyone could recommend a wedding dj please available for the Carlow area. Please help :o)ll
manxmrs Posts: 850
I can highly recommended Ruairi from Irish Wedding DJ - he was terrific and we had an AMAZING night. He was very open to our suggestions/list of songs we wanted and filled the dance floor all night. We also had the uplighting in the function room and it took our breath away - the room was transformed. Hope to help and all the very best with the planning and the day itself :wv
Mrs Spud Posts: 418
+1 on RuairĂ­, a great guy to deal with and really good at getting the crowd going from the old fogies to the duracell flower girl :o0 Book RuairĂ­ and you wont be disappointed :wv
redalertoz Posts: 316
Thank you for the advise will definitely keep that in mind!!!
Nobigdress Posts: 452
Havent had my wedding yet but when I saw this posting I came on to mention Ruairi. I didnt book him in the end (half wishing I did now considering the posts above) but he was fantastic to deal with and I remember thinking at the time that I would recommend him if the opportunity arose. I booked Aiden kavanagh from Dublin, he will travel to Carlow no problem. His recommednations were excellent and he gave me a good price. I was a little swayed by the fact that he did O'Driscolls wedding too and has so much wide experience as a club and radio dj as well as lots of weddings. Good luck but I dont think you can go far wrong with seeing if Ruairi is free.
JMBvideos Posts: 511
Another big +1 for Ruairi here from a fellow supplier that has seen him in action loads of times. He is not just up there playing the music but creating a fantastic atmosphere every single time.
bales Posts: 574
How about
IsMise Posts: 142
Do Djs bring their own sound and light equipment or how does it work ?
Irish Wedding DJ Posts: 1436
It would be the norm for djs to bring their own equipment, including all of the sound and lighting they will need for the venue they are playing in, and backup in the event of something going belly up on the night - not a complete 2nd set but the key things that can get you out of trouble if something malfunctions. Most venues will have integrated p.a systems, but these would not be sufficient for focal audio projection, and would only really be suitable to ambient music and speeches where they are not being pushed consistently. All reputable dj companies will quote inclusive of this, and it will be mentioned within your quotation and booking contract at the time you are booking. Lighting upgrades to more professional lighting systems and upllighting etc.. are additional options that your company may provide, these would be considered additional extras in most cases. I hope this helps, Ruairi Finnegan
IsMise Posts: 142
Thanks for the very comprehensive answer. What in your view is the absolute minimum voltage/wattage the sounds and light equip should be to ensure a good professional sound quality & lighting effect