recommend a wedge pillow for me??

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Mrs Maternal Posts: 268
Can anyone recommend a wedge pillow for me as i am not sleeping well at all and it seems to get worse - when i try to turn i get a sharp pain in my tummy which remains for a few minutes and i am not able to sure it is just stretching of uterus but dont want to do myself any damage!!! All recommendations welcome
Mamaria Posts: 224
I got a set from either Mothercare or Smyths that has a wedge and a breastfeeding pillow (like a half moon shape). Think it was about €40 but so far definitely worth it. I used the wedge in the early days, and then switcched to the half moon as it was bigger and provided better support. I now use the wedge when I'm driving as it keeps me sitting up straight. And I hope to get use out of the half moon after babs arrives. HTH.
Christmas B Posts: 6191
[color=indigo:3amxqw90]Oh what are these pillows???? They sound great!!!! At the moment I'm using an ordinary pillow to prop me on my side at night behind my back and a smaller round pillow in between my legs!! My back is really getting sore lately!![/color:3amxqw90]
Mamaria Posts: 224
The Wedge - ... 1&mcb=core Breast feeding support pillow - But you can buy both together in one bag (and they even come with one of those eye patch things so you can sleep in the dark - I am definitely pregnant, as I can't for the life of me remember what they are called!) If memory serves me (and it may not at this stage) I think Smyths were cheaper than Mothercare. (link to smyths page with both support pillow and wedge.) ... at=&page=2 HTH