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clairej Posts: 251
Hi I am home sick from work and bored off my trolley. I need a bit of retail therapy to cheer me up. I have been looking online for some new clothes and there are just way too many shops.Can anybody recommend a site . *) Thanks
Fi76 Posts: 517
have you ever tried, I'm always on there! Topshop is good too!
snowbride Posts: 38
try Fab designer bargains..... and free worldwide shipping!!
Toni Baloney Posts: 544
I found Warehouse on line great to deal with. Stuff arrived really quickly and delivery wasnt expensive.
babs78 Posts: 194
snowbride, I think I love you! That website is fab! Have you ever bought anything off it before? If so, is there delivery quick and is their returns policy easy?
babs78 Posts: 194
Sorry snowbride, me again! Are the clothes real or fake? Its just that I've noticed a few spelling mistakes on the website which makes me wonder ... Thanks!
snowbride Posts: 38
hiya! Well, I assumed they were real but to be honest I haven't bought anything from them. In saying that though, I did see one of the Chloe dresses in TK Max a few weeks back and it was just identical... I reckon they're the real deal! I don't know how long it would take to deliver etc... will definitely try buy something from there soon though, just finding it hard to choose!!
kitten_77 Posts: 826
i think that website sells fakes :eek sorry to burst anyones bubble but i am a massive internet shopper and if something looks too good to be true it generally is... this miu miu dress was absolutly sell-out, featured on celebs etc and i find it bizarre that they would have it in both colours each available in 3 sizes, and with 70% off. this would have been snapped up immediately in any sale (in fact it sold out in most places like Net a Porter at full price) ... =589&Nid=1 If you look at the dress in the picture versus the dress on the model, the construction looks way off. not saying its not worth a shot but just be aware that it looks a little dodge.
wells Posts: 91 ... rd#anchor2 How can you keep your prices so low? Are your products authentic? Since our items are direct from the original factory, including original order, over order, factory over-runs, we can offer our customers these lower-than wholesale prices. For those who are not familiar with the terms, 'factory over-runs' refers to the small quantity of extra products the factory made for selling; the fabrics of these product are also direct from the factory. We don't call these kinds of products authentic, although they are in most cases identical. Occasionally, they may show a little difference from what you see in the department stores. But both the cut and the quality are the same as the original order.
kitten_77 Posts: 826
yea, if you read the website there are so many disclaimers saying that they are not originals but they are "close" to originals.. Colours many be "slightly"dfferent, fabric may be different but the dress is esentially the same as originals because they come from the same factory blah blah. Its typical China replica speak to be honest. It may be true that stuff is coming out of the same factories as the originals but i'm just saying be warned and take thier blurb with a large grain of salt!