Recommend baby sling/carrier

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Sue79 Posts: 175
Hi ladies, Can anyone recommend a baby sling or are they a waste of time? Would love opinions ladies. thanks
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
Its hard to recommend one because baby mightn't like it. I bought a kari me sling on the advice of someone who loved it, but my baby hated it and I only used it a couple of times before selling it on. When she was about four months we got a BabyBjorn on loan and she loved it, still does at almost 8 months. But beware of buying too much, see if you can borrow one or there's a sling library you could check out. Someone else might have the details for that, I should have tried it!
BabasFor2012 Posts: 1594
Definitelt recommend the sling library [url:r0gpy74b][/url:r0gpy74b] You can rent 2 slings for €15 for 2 weeks. There is also babywearing consultants around the country that will help you with using different types of slings as well. A lot of babies take a little while to get used to a sling if they are not used to it, but one advantage of the more ergonomic designs is that it is possible for the wearer to use them for longer. Although I did see a blog about making a baby bjorn more comfortable to wear using a blanket and a scarf.