Recommend best consultant/hospital in Dublin for "VBAC"

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dgmon Posts: 21
Hi, I ended up with an emergency C-section for my first baby. I was 3cm when I got to the hosp and got to 9cm fairly quickly and calmly, I had gone into labour myself and was only 2 days over my due date. I remained at 9cm for 4 hours and the consultant on duty decided a c-section was best due to "failure to progress", my temp was rising slightly and my baby was in the OP position (something I only reaslised afterwards as no one mentioned OP during labour). I am not pregnant yet but we intend to try in the near future and if I am lucky enough to fall pregnant I would really love to have a VBAC delivery if at all possible. My own consultant said that I had a high chance of a VBAC the next time as I got so far before and she said she would encourage this but I have read so much negative comments from people who say their consultants say one thing during visits and then when it comes to the crunch they will order a c-section at the slighest little problem or if a labour "not progressing quick enough". There is also the high possibility that your own consultant wont even be there as is what happened with me the last time. I would love to hear some positive experiences from any ladies who had a VBAC, in particular who your consultant was and which hospital you were in and any other advice. Ssrry for the long winded post!!
snowbear Posts: 2107
Will pm you