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winterbridegal Posts: 406
Hi all. Anyone recommend a good changing bag for a reasonable price? Don't want any designer ones for big money. Want practical recommendations. I presume space is a big thing, Pockets but not too many etc. Somewhere to insulate bottte etc. im not sure of the rest. Any advise
ciaraella Posts: 5323
Personally i'd go for a nice decent size handbag. I bought a changing bag for DD but it was quite bulky, never used it for DS. A few pockets are handy so that you can easily locate a soother/nappy cream/phone etc.
princesselm Posts: 240
can't recommend a pacapod highly enough. I have an expensive one but think they canvas ones are quite reasonable. I bought mine after having a jujube which I hated. it was a big treat but one of my best baby buys. it has separate internal pods for changing and foodstuff so you can just take out what you need or even just bring the changing pod and attach it to the buggy. they are amazing!
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
I bought a JJ Cole one in Smyths for EUR47.99 2 years ago and I still love it. It is ideal. Can't fault it. It has a leaf design (very similar to Orla Kiely) and people have asked me dozens of times 'is it an Orla Kiely bag?' - of course, I tell them the truth :o0
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
This is mine: [img:h3nxixvl][/img:h3nxixvl]
winterbridegal Posts: 406
Princesselm Again pacapod is a huge amount of money which I don't have. €30-€40 is my limit at the very most. I can't justify spending it on a bag with all the other expenses. Any I saw were up on€100
anonnybride Posts: 281
I bought a second hand Pacapod changing bag on Adverts. I see there are a few nice ones for sale on there at the moment. Why don't you have a look there? This one is fab! Also TK Maxx have changing bags for €39.99 but I can't remember the brand off the top if my head.
macattack Posts: 1617
Hi Winterbride, I'ma handbag fanatic and when I was pregnant with ds my love of bags started to extend to changing bags :-8 I did a good bit of research and the Babymoov bag ticked most of the boxes for me. Decent size, good changing mat, bottle insulator, stroller straps and affordable. It definately isn't a trendy handbag style thing but I don't mind my changing bag actually looking like a changing bag. I loved this one- ... ds=babyoov but DH refused to carry it cause he tought it was too girly so ended up with this one- ... s=babymoov It's been used almost every day for 10 months and I can't fault it. Comes with a few little extras like a dummy pouch and fleecy blanket. Has plenty of room for all baby's stuff and mine. Right now I have 4 nappies, 2 vests, change of outfit, spare socks, hat, 2 bibs, muslin cloth, full pack of wipes, pack of nappy sacks, 1/2 pack of antibacterial wipes, hand sanitiser, nappy cream, teething gel, spare soother, bottle, container of food, 2 spoons, sophie the giraffe, my purse, phone,make up bag, keys...Phew! And room to spare.
Pebbles2014 Posts: 60
I'd try TK Maxx if there is one near you.
mamime Posts: 791
I second ciaraellas suggestion of just getting a nice decent size bag. My recommendation is a small backpack. You can buy seperate thermos bottle holders in the likes of mothercare; eg: ... -pack.html On my first, i bought a nice handbag style baby-bag and it turned out that i really didn't use it! It was annoying swinging from the handlebars of the buggy and tipped the buggy over once! Also when i needed to go out with dd in the carrier it was so much easier to stuff everything in a backpack instead of a baby dragging from my front and a bag tipping me over on one shoulder! Baby went on front, backpack on my back and my hands were free. No hushing a shoulder bag up every few minutes. I bought a nice neat little rucksack from the sports shop (you know those mini ones) and it is more than sufficient as a diaper bag. There are net holders each side for bottles/thermos carriers/baby cups. Also if i do go out with ds in the carrier and dd alongside she can even carry the mini backpack which she loves and i take a small handbag for keys etc. I just feel so much more compact and freer to sling a backpack on my back than a bulky changing bag. Cheapest option too i think!