Recommend Good hair salon/stylist in Dublin

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Wiggles Posts: 629
Hi Girls .. Really need your help. I was blonde (bottle) .. since i was 17 .. i changed to brunette last october .. I hate it. I was letting my hair grow for my wedding next december .. but its in really bad condition and it badly needs a really good hair cut. So what i need is a good stylist who can do a cut and colour without me coming out looking like the rocky horror show. So come on girls .. who do you use and are you happy with your stylist and colourist ? I am northside dublin ... but dont mind travelling within dublin for the right person to help me out. Am so sad and my hair is really getting me down. :o( thanks wiggles
pluse Posts: 980
Hi i went modelling in oct 05 and they burnt my hair badly, i was always blonde and they turned it red and to make things worse i couldn't get it done as my head was burnt, so i wanted to get my hair back blonde for the wedding and last night my FSIL start turning it back blonde shes brill shes doing hairdressing for 6 years she trained in peter mark pm if you'd like her number.
Wiggles Posts: 629
bump :o)ll
clucky Posts: 26471
well you said you dont mind travelling so i will recommend the hairdresser that saved my hair for my wedding Ciaran Nevin hairdressers in terenure ask for Susan she talks to you for half an hour before she even goes near your hair and is an angel in my mind
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
whats everyone up to? h2b going out to night so dvd and chinese for me, but he promised he'd take me out for few drinks tomorrow night O-O
Walking Bump Posts: 2095
Northside then try Malahide Hair Studios opposite Marina. They are great ask for Anne or Fiona.
Mrs áthas Posts: 3488
i think kazumi is just brilliant it is expensive enough though i second the ciaran nevin recommendation too...a good friend of mine used to work there and they are FAB
Shin Posts: 8515
[quote="babyboo":14me0uyv]I recommend Dylan Bradshaw There just of St Stephens Green Greg for colour and Susan Jane for cutting, their excellent and very chilled out salon[/quote:14me0uyv] ooooh dylan bradshaw, doesnt he cut the corrs hairs? i went in with my sister one time to get her hair done and you get all this fancy head massages. i think there is a 6 week waiting list for Dylan himself apparantly? personally if i were to offer any advice id go to Toni and Guy on Dame Street. Ive been going there the past 4 years and Sean the style director and Philip the Senior Colourist are fantastic. Its about €160 for a cut and a colour but its well worth it.
*Muffin* Posts: 7243
Up until last May, I hadn't been to a hairdresser since my first communion!! My hair is very long and dark red, and I always wore it curly so never went, but since I've gone straight, I decided I needed to get a good cut. I was recommended Anthony, in Cats in Temple Bar. As far as I know he has won Hairdresser of the Year quite a few times. I'm going to get him to do my hair for the wedding. I was shaking going in the first time, terrified of him scalping me, but he totally put me at ease, and did wonders....I have layers now, something i never thought I'd have! Totally recommend him.
mummy bear Posts: 3824
Anthony in Cats is brilliant he did my hair two years ago for my friends wedding, hes expensive though