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Pinkly Posts: 1414
Hi, Can anyone recommend some good baby shops to start the ball rolling on buying the bits & pieces. I've had a quick look in Mothercare & Mama's & Papa's but was more of a novelty than properly looking. I'll be starting my baby shopping in the next few weeks so would love some recommendations! Thanks :thnk
mama2E Posts: 670
were in the country are you?
mama2E Posts: 670
double post
baby peanut Posts: 810
If you want to save some money go up north, toys r us have a huge babies r us at the back of their shop. They're in sprucefield. Also Smyths toys do all the baby stuff too. They quite often have a few bargains. Next also do lovely nursery stuff. I bought clothes recently in mothercare and tried to return them but they wouldn't take them back as it was more than 28 days. They wouldn't even give me a credit note :o( Bit of a mad policy if you ask me, after 28 days no exchange or refund even with reciept. :o( Smyths changed a toy for DD as she got two of the same for her birthday without even a reciept *)
mcglick Posts: 463
I swore I wouldnt buy anything from Mamas and Papas as it seemed so expensive, but once you go out there and fall in love with the stuff its a different story!
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
I never bought anything in mama's and papsas, thought it was over-priced. Lovely stuff though. I got things in Toys R us in sprucefield (changing table, mobile, steriliser, breast pump, soothers, cotton wool, nappies), good value. Going up there on wed again to pick up another few things (nappy bin, bouncy chair, moses basket). GOt most baby clothes in Dunnes, M&S and a few things in Penney's. Boots I found the best for all my cosmetic/baby lotions and potions. Got buggy in Mothercare, thats it. Thought I would get more there but I haven't. HTH :wv
mcglick Posts: 463
Wouldnt dream of buying any clothes for either me or froggles in M&P as they are sooooo expensive and overpriced. Have bought the cot bed there (on sale - bargain) and also the boarder for the nursery and not much more than that as it is expensive. I got alot of baby gros in Pennys, Dunnes, Next and Marks & Sparks...was advised not to spend too much on tiny baby clothes as they will grow out of them so fast its a waste of money, especailly when you get o much as presents as well, but I know-its so hard to resist buying!
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
I know mcglick, I have to stop myself from buying too many baby gros etc as they grow so fast. I do love the stuff in mama's and papa's, I just can't justify spending THAT much on some stuff.
sinion Posts: 6050
I can very very highly recommend Murphy's in Rathcoole, they're about 5/10 minutes from the Red Cow junction on the M50 (directions on the website) They are a family run business and they could not be more helpful. We went there just to look and they spent over an hour with us going over absolutely everything we could possibly think of, they showed us a load of different buggies, fitted them in the car boot, tested car seats in the car, the works. We left there without buying a thing but when you get service like that you're obviously going to go back! We got pretty much everything from them and as we bought so much they threw in a load of free stuff too. All my aunties and cousins have been going there for thirty years or so so they came highly recommended!
mcglick Posts: 463
Yes would recommend Murphys too as they are a long running Irish company, we bought our travel system there....but a word of warning...they are always VERY busy on Sat & Sun so if I were going id try get there during the week if at all possible. We were there about 2 weeks ago and were so long waiting to be served, we just left!