Recommend wedding insurance?

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okan Posts: 380
Can you recommend a company for wedding insurance? I really don't know what we need but would feel happier having it. I still haven't gotten round to getting my engagement ring insured either-any suggestions would be most welcome. :)
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Try We bought our policy there for €129. We're covered up to 20K, it covers things like the hotel closing, a supplier not showing up and not sending a replacement, even theft of gifts up to 24 hours after the ceremony. Worth the peace of mind I think, particularly for the hotel, the way things are at the moment* (See there, the *, where I said the way things are at the moment? I was going to say 'in the current economic climate' but realised I sounded too much like Brian 'Going Forward' Cowen and that that phrase makes me want to reach into my brain and scratch, so I changed it!)