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marleymoo Posts: 503
Hi girls looking for a good in depth book on pregnancy, looked at What to Expect when you're expecting on Amazon and the reviews look good but wanted to get recommendations for any others before I buy? I see a few more geared towards the men also, are these worthwhile getting? Would the 1 book not do us both? Ta xxxx
Nubble Posts: 368
Hi Marleymoo, I bought the ‘What the Expect..’ book a few weeks ago and I find it quite good. Its informative, in a medical way, which I suppose on your first pregnancy is great. DH browses through it the odd time basically gives a month to month guide…what to expect during the month, how you might be feeling, what to expect, the development of the baby in that month etc. There is also a great index in the back of the book so if your looking for something quickly, its easy enough to find…e.g. I had a terrible headache the other week, so just checked the index at back at book for ‘headaches’ and it brought me to a page of helpful tips. I was given a gift of a great book ‘The best friends guide to pregnancy’, which I found very good..its more about personal experiences rather than medical explanations, the things your best friends would tell you as opposed to a GP or consultant. I even managed to read right through to the end of the book, even though to start I was adamant I didn’t want to know the gory childbirth and after birth details (Im 19 weeks, and up until then I was only reading my ‘what to expect’ book on a month by month basis!!!) With regards to male perspective books, I bought DH the ‘guide to fatherhood’ (or something along that title). It’s a more humorous book about what’s happening to a woman while pregnant and what a man can expect during the nine months plus and all from a man’s point of view. DH thought it was very good..and he actually read it cover to cover!(Although I think he still skipped over some of the more gory details...'there are some things the man doesnt need to know' kind of attitude!!!!) :yelrotflmaosmilie: There are so many pregnancy books out to suit everyone’s requirements….the above are just the ones that I found good!