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River Posts: 845
Hi girls, went to a beauticians in Sandymount last week and had a very bad experience. Was treated like a stupid child and told off about my skin care regimen. Also told that I need 3 more facials (another 200 euro) to look anyway presentable for the wedding. Let me point out that I do have nice skin and I don't look horrendous!! But apparently as I'm now 30 odd and 'not a teenager anymore' I need to cop on. The facial was also painful and when I said this, I was told 'no pain, no gain'. :eek I need to find a nice reputable beautician in the Dublin south area or city centre. I only have two months to go so I can't afford time or money trying out a few different places. Any recommendations welcome :thnk
Nolongerwollie Posts: 2181
The Buff Day Spa is nice - its beside the Gaiety. Or for a real treat, Blue Eriu is fab!!
Bridezilla07 Posts: 2237
Have to highly recommend Jennifer Duggan in Tallaght. I've had my spray tan and facials there so far and they are very professional. Might be a bit out of the way for you though. It's very hard to find a good beauticians!
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
These posts surprise me, im doing a beauty course and we have to look after clients and ask what their concerns are and try to help them, we would be kicked out if we gave anyone a lecture about their skin!! thats crazy and of course it would turn you off going back so their doing themselves no favours!.
creme egg Posts: 37
I use a beautician in Lucan, who is excellent, I have been going to her for five years plus. She works from home, has an excellent set up. I had always imagined someone working from home would be sub-standard, and not have the correct equipment, but she is brilliant. I get my eyebrows shaped with her very regularly, and she takes about 30 mns to do it, she is such a perfectionist. I cannot highly recommend her enough. Let me know if you want her details. She works on a referral basis only. I don't know if Lucan would be very convenient for you though, she is also open late
Juno Posts: 2202
creme egg: "She works from home, has an excellent set up. I had always imagined someone working from home would be sub-standard, and not have the correct equipment, but she is brilliant" Its a common misconception I suppose. I've been to 3 other businesses run from home (one was a Bridal shop, and the other two were fortune tellers) and i found the atmosphere really relaxing and welcoming. I had thought otherwise before going, but was proved wrong! :wv Mrs. Ted xx
creme egg Posts: 37
Mrs Ted. I hope you did not take offence to what I said!! I did not mean anything bad by saying that. Like you said her set up (as like others from home) are far better that some salons I've been to. She spends more time with me. I don't feel like I am on a convayer belt of people, and she is cheaper too. : )
Juno Posts: 2202
oh God, not at all creme egg :-8 Sorry if it came across that way :-8 It was interesting to read your comments and I was agreeing with you! O-O Mrs. Ted xx
sunflowers26/09/07 Posts: 512
Creme Egg, can I get the name of that girl from you, I need to find someone near me. Thanks
creme egg Posts: 37
I just PM'd you sunflowers