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KEbaby Posts: 99
Hiya, The most basic of questions-but could ye recommend your bottle steriliser? Not sure what to even start looking at? I want something that's really straightforward and easy to use-(someone told me vaguely one day they discovered one they could put in the microwave and it was all done in 2 mins?!) Thanks!
Bigsurprise Posts: 961
I used a avent microwave one. Pop in the microwave for 5 mins.
Mrs W Posts: 2923
I have the tommee tippee microwave one and its great. You probably need to decide on the bottles first and get that steriliser
lilytiger Posts: 536
I have an avent microwave one but I use tommee tippee bottles. I can fit 5 bottles into it at a squeeze but I'd bought it when I used avent bottles on DS1 and wasn't going buying the tommee tippee one when I already had one. I also got another microwave one half price in Boots for my mam's house in Wexford, not sure of the brand but they all do the same job, especially the microwave ones so look out for them there as I got that one for about €12. They're dead handy for shoving into the microwave when not in use so they don't take up worktop space and then 5 mins and the bottles are done for the 24 hours.
Mrs Potato Head Posts: 48
For anyone thinking of getting the Avent microwave steriliser, Sam McCauleys have an offer on at the moment. You buy the newborn bottle starter kit (already at half price €13.49) and you get the steriliser for free! Normally all of that would cost you just under €54, but with the combined offers you get it for only €13.49 :eek
archie1 Posts: 195
Avent micro sterilizer half price in argos at the min. €16