recommend your consultant in mount carmel.

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loopybride Posts: 169
have decided on mc for many reasons.if anyone can recommend a consultant? was thinking between Dr Tunney, Dr G Rafferty or there is a new Dr Andrea Nugent. thanks
Emme Posts: 4735
I went with Dr. Dockery in Charlemont for DS..found him to be very nice, very caring and absolutely no problem seeing him at the drop of a hat if anything happened of any concern. He told me at time of booking that he would most likely be on holiday when DS was born but I was okay with that and so I had Dr. Tunney for the birth and went back to him for this baby. I find his pricing to be excelled TBH, bloods and scans all included in his fee and I'm also going combined with my GP which knocks another few hundred off. I had to pay extra for the anomoly scan as it was in MC and also for the bloods with Dr. Dockery.Dr. Tunney and his wife (who does the scanning) are both lovely so I'm happy out. I'd reccommend either consultant TBH. More than welcome to PM me if you have any questions.
jen2 Posts: 3106
I went with Gerry raffetty on my last 2 children. I found him great. He is very laid back, and kind of looks sloppy. But that's not how he is. He was brilliant when I lost one twin on my DS pregnancy. He was there 24/7 for us. On Dd2 I had a terrible pregnancy and again he was great. He did not fuss over me ( which I liked), but he looked after me so well. I spent 9 wks in hospital then Dd2 arrived just over 5 wks early. He was excellent. May not suit everyone.
loopybride Posts: 169
thank you emme and jen2! jen2 can i ask when you were kept in hosp i presume you were kept in mc and ur insurance covered it. also if baby was early i presume babs had to stay in longer than a day or 2 and if so was that also covered? did you go private or shared care? im not sure if shared will suit me as i had problems wit blood pressure on 1st pregnancy and am anticipating problems on 2nd tho hopefully not and i dont think 5 consultant visits would be enough based on amount of times i saw dr last time. and i believe additional consultant visits would be approx 300 a pop so they would soon add up! i quite like Dr Raffertys "casual" look but i like the husband and wife team of Dr Tunney. Dr Dockery looks good too but hes in charlemount and that would be pain for me to get to!
peanut2011 Posts: 79
I am going with Julian Dockerary and find him lovely! If you see him through shared care your appts will more than likely be on a Monday in MC. He is very straightforward and has quite a logical approach. Ive had a few complications and he has been very upfront about everything which is personally what I like from doctors but that approach might not suit everyone. I suppose cos he was very honest in the beginning it meant then later when he said he wasnt as concerned about things i knew to trust him and he wasnt just trying to fob me off if you get me? TBH Ive personally heard great reports on them all in there firsthand, and also for the new consultant Andrea Nugent who came from The Coombe.
cappucino Posts: 160
I had my DD in June in mc on the combined care - Dr Dockery was my consultant and found him fine - v straight forward and no messing but would he have known me or my pregnancy from anothers, I dont think so. I will say his appointments are in MC on a monday, which means some messing about on bank holidays etc no biggy but he was always about an hour late.. on the day Gerry Rafferty delivered my daughter and there was a lot of things going on but I found him brilliant and explained everything at every stage and even came to the ward each day to see me, which is more that Dockery did. If we hopefuly have another baby, I would go back and go to Rafferty .
jen2 Posts: 3106
My insurance covered all the cost of staying in hospital before the birth of dd2. I was in tallaght for about 2 wks and mount Carmel in total for 7 before birth. My daughter came home with me, but insurance would of covered her costs had she had to say . If I had the money this time I would go to Gerry again. But I just can't afford it. Even on the shared scheme it 1650 plus about €2500 for hospital. Hope that helps.
manxmrs Posts: 850
We are under Dr Rafferty and find him very relaxed - which is what we like about him. He's a lovely man and makes you feel at ease.
Moodles Posts: 547
I had my 2 with Dr Nuggent in the Coombe and found her fanastic. I'll be splashing out on Mt Carmel next time as I wouldn't go to anyones else. She went out of her way to come in and do a section for me on a day she wasn't supposed to be in the hospital. I also love the fact that she a professional young Mum herself.
loopybride Posts: 169
id quite like a female dr but just am not warming to valerie plus she charges 800 more than the rest!! its v hard to find info on dr nugent. i know she was in the coombe but dont think i had any dealings with her. all the rest of the docs have websites etc that you can get an idea of what they are like.