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vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
So Dh & I took ourselves off for a day's window shopping today to look at cots for the new arrival. There were some we really liked and some we really disliked. We were tending to gear ourselves towards a cot bed with a view to it doing us for a few years but as we're complete novices is this the right way to be looking at it? Also - the variety of matresses completely bamboozled us so what exactly should we be looking for there? I'd prefer to get a full set of bedroom furniture (cot/chest of drawers/wardrobe) while we're at it as I don't want bits of different ranges and we have the money saved to do it right the first time round (2nd time may be a different story!!) So, any help/advice greatly appreciated. Also, we're thinking of taking a trip to Ikea during the week and wouldn't mind stopping off at any of the big Mothercare/Mamas & Papas shops around Dublin so if ye can point us in the direction of some of the bigger stores that'd be great too. O-O
jamseyjo Posts: 1132
Dovetail Posts: 293
Mamas and Papas in Blanchardstown is worth a visit. It's the biggest store and has a lot of the furniture on display. It's just off the m50 and close enough to ikea. M&P have a large range of cots (sold with sets) and mattresses. Bear in mind if you buy a cotbed you won't actually get to use the bed part of it until you have your last child - unless you plan on buying a second cot. Ikea highchairs are fantastic - pick one up even if you're not sure that you like to look of it/ want it/ need it - you won't regret it.
Bluebear Posts: 1594
I bought a cot bed from Eurobaby(the teddy one)- it was reduced in the sale so it was a real bargain. However I regret having bought a cot bed for practical reasons- it's too big to fit through the door ways without dismantling. There has been a couple of nights DD has been quite sick and would have felt much better if the cot could have easily been moved into our room. If I need a 2nd cot anytime soon I'd probably get it in Ikea. Ps Eurobaby have a sale on at the mo!
jamseyjo Posts: 1132
Ikea high chair is the business! So easy to clean and ya can't beat the price
vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
I've heard that about Ikea high-chairs alright. Thanks for all the feedback - really have me thinking about the cotbed now!
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
We got all the nursery furniture, including cot, in IKEA. It was the best value and we'll use it after the baby stage. I love our antilop highchair, best 25 euro we spent!
SparkleX Posts: 1057
We got a cotbed from Mamas and Papas and am very happy with it. Has a drawer underneath which is very handy for storing blankets. Will probably get a similar one for this baby as DD will be in it for a few years yet. Got a Clevemama memory foam mattress. Also got a Mamas and Papas highchair (as a gift) and liked it a lot. Nice and padded so it's comfy for babs. A lot of choice out there so best to look around and see what suits you best Have fun!
vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
Thanks girls, looking forward to Wednesday now. I'm a big IKEA fan and half our house is decked out in bits from there. ACS - do you mind me asking what furniture range you got in Ikea? I just don't want bits of one range and bits of another range. Our house is already a mis-match of so many different bits that I want one room to be done properly!
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
Well we might be a bit mix and match! We got all white stuff. A Hemnes chest of drawers, put a mat on top and used it as storage and changing unit. We got a Sundvik combed, but TBH I don't ever see us using it as a cotbed, LO will be in it until the new arrival is ready to move out of our room and will be ready for her own bed at that stage I'd say. We also got a Stuva cupboard for the wall for extra storage. You can get all Hemnes or Stuva furniture to keep it consistent though.