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Positive2012 Posts: 481
Hi girls, i'm due in January so on the lookout for a cotbed at the moment. I looked at the Pebble Cotbed in Mamas and Papas which would suit as it says that's it's ideal for smaller nurseries (we don't have that much space) but i'm worried that i won't be able to get a matress for it too easy and bumpers etc. Just wondering if anybody could recommend a reasonably priced cotbed that's not too big? My head is in a tizz looking at them all online and I find that while the shops say they stock them when you actually go into the shops all they show you is a brochure so you can't get a proper look at it.
ttc_bfp_opk_wtf Posts: 682
we got this one ... 0151_71786 and while it's great looking, as soon as DS started to teeth, he started chewing through the white paint so it looks like we have termites now. I'll definitely be goinging for a wooden coloured one this time.