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busybee07 Posts: 959
Hi ladies recommendations please. We went looking at travel systems on sat and there is just so much to choose from! So i want a 4 wheeler, with a carrycot. We really liked the mothercare my 4 love the idea that its a pramette so ur not looking to store the carrycot after you're finished with it but i don't like that there is no base for the car seat. We love the chicco urban for the same reason. I don't like the quinnys or bugaboo. We looked at the icandy also but so many different types. Finally we looked at the baby jogger city select i think. We dont need a pram that will convert into a double as we don't plan to have anymore. This is no 2. What do you Ladies recommend?
angie27 Posts: 194
Our baby is 8 weeks old & we bought the up a baby vista which is a 4 wheeler. I love it, it's really light weight & nippy when out & about & loads of people have complimented it (we got the lyndsey which is the wheat colour) The carrycot is also suitable for over night sleeping & our little one prefers it much more to her crib. In fact we sit the carrycot into our crib every night coz she much prefers the cosiness of the carrycot (& anything for a nights sleep!!) We also went for a maxi cosi, which sits neatly on the wheels using simple clip on attachments. We're very happy with this travel system. Good luck with your decision, travel systems are mind boggling!!
angie27 Posts: 194
Meant to say 'uppababy vista!!
Mrsdosser Posts: 341
We also got the uppababy, but to be honest in hindsight I don't feel it was worth the money. Yes it was handy to but the car seat on the wheels but it wasn't the easiest to attach or detach. It's quite bulky in the boot now. Anyway, you asked for advice, so mine would be don't go spending big money on a travel system you may or may not get the use out of. I honestly thought id use mine happily until he was 2/3 but now at 8 months old id prefer to have a lightweight stroller. Don't feel pressurized to go for a high tech expensive one.
Babydoll2012 Posts: 69
I have the uppababy vista also and I could not recommend It enough. My ds is 3 soon so don't use it anymore but new baba will be I can't wait to get it out and have it ready and it's still in perfect r condition too. The carry cot is so handy to be able to use for over night sleeping etc.
Hbombadero Posts: 1960
Definitely find a travel system compatible with a car seat with an isofix Base. Apparently the majority of seat belt fitted car seats are not installed correctly so that means your baby isn't as protected in case if an accident. Also new regulations which are not yet law but will be in the future make isofix mandatory. Aside from safety it's so convenient and saves you bending and reaching for seat belts. I do find the car seat attachment very handy on my travel system (bugaboo) and I use it frequently when I'm in and out of shops and doing short errands. My baby always sleeps in the car so it'd be a sin to wake him to go in to buy milk so I love just clicking the car seat to the buggy rather than waking him to lift him out of the seat.