Recommendation for a weekend break

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yorkiegirl4 Posts: 11
Hey all Just wondering where would ye recommend for a relaxing weekend break outside of Ireland? Money a bit tight so that's all we can afford this summer O-O
Ilovetoast Posts: 2267
How far u planning on going? ok so i know its not really outside ireland but the Aran islands are gr8!
yorkiegirl4 Posts: 11
Thanks timeflys, Yeah I was at the aran islands with the girls a while back. Thinking about a city break in Europe... *)
Bonnie Parker Posts: 2670
I suppose it depends on flights - but Prague is fab.
Ilovetoast Posts: 2267
Yeh Prague is fab.... Paris is amazing!!! Barcelona is beautiful... but wudnt be very relaxing... what about going to Greece or Turkey for a few days and getting a few treatments done, massages etc... Theres alot of beautiful places in Scotland too!
BiaBlasta Posts: 1002
I've been to a lot of cities in Europe and Lisbon was my favourite by Lisbon! And for a weekend trip the flights not too long. Also, out of the other cities I like Madrid and Amsterdam.