recommendations for a good place to get a cake in kerry

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may 2008 bride HELP ME Posts: 23
hi kerry brides just wondering where are ye all getting your cakes from? any reccomondations for me??? thanks girls :wv
happy08mrs Posts: 624
boudairs in tralee do lovely cakes and they dont charge a fortune either as-far as i know = worth a look into anyway
jimmyjoemango Posts: 166
Hi May2008 I always laugh when I see your posts because its as if you are reading my mind! I was just thinking about cakes last night! I debated getting it in Kerry but have decided now to just get a Marks and Spencer one. I was at a wedding last Friday and they had an M&S chocolate cake and it was lovely.
feb08bride Posts: 656
o'mahoneys in Tralee do nice cakes too. brudairs as laughaun said also a good choice.both palces have a good name
may 2008 bride HELP ME Posts: 23
thanks everyone for the recomendations i'l have a look in to the places in tralee. as for u jimmyjoemango mabe i am a mind reader :o0 :o0 NOT i just dont have a clue where to get information from and this place seems to be the best place on the planet :o0 also you have the plus side that no one knows who people are so if you ask a silly or stupid question you wont be the least bit :-8 :hic hope everyones having fun with their planning, it sure is a whole new world for me, i'm sorry i did'nt get a wedding planner :o0 :wv bye guys
Roxanne Posts: 3201
We got married in Kerry but got our cake from Goyas in Galway. They deliver nationwide for a very reasonable charge and their selection is fabulous. Emer was a joy to deal with and our cake was amazing - couldn't recommend them highly enough! is their website.