Recommendations for preventing stretch marks

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Mumslove Posts: 528
In my first pregnancy I used baby oil, bio oil and body cream to keep my skin moisturised and stretch marks at bay, but that didn't happen, my stomachs in bits with them so this time around I've let's faith in bio oil a long time ago, can any of you recommend any alternatives?[/u]
fxfor3 Posts: 2347
tbh it all depends on your skin.some people get them some dont so any amount of creams is not going to protect you im afraid. If it helps you i was destroyed with them last time and used cocoa butter cream afterwards which really reduced them and you can hardly see them now. This time well so faranyway i havent one i cant believe it and only 8 wks left. So fingers crossed for you that you dont get them this time.
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
I agree with Garfield in that it depends on your skin type, if you're going to get them you'll get them regardless. My SIL used Clarins toning oil throughout her pregnancy & she didnt get 1 stretchmark! It's expensive (€40 for a bottle :eek ) but she found it brilliant & said she only went through 3 bottles in the 9 months. I'm just making sure to moisturize every day with either body cream or bio oil & I'm hoping for the best! :wv
AA11 Posts: 313
I'm using bio-oil. I used it during my last pregnancy and didn't get any so I'm not going to tempt fate by not using it this time. But I agree with the others its all down to your skin type. My Mum or sisters didn't get any stretch marks either, and one of my sisters had huge babies,was absolutely huge by the end of each pregnancy and put on about 4 stone, but still no stretch marks.....
Princess_Jessabell Posts: 291
i use palmers coco butter and i find it brilliant