Recommendations of Supplement without Iron?

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Dicey Posts: 100
Hi All! im 11 weeks today and soooo run down. ive been sick for the last 5 weeks with really bad ms so im drained. i havent taken any supplements cause i cant tolerate iron but now no matter how much i sleep im still exhausted so think it may be time for some. anyone any recommendations? pregnacare, Sanatogen and like all have Iron which will make me sicker instead of better so im clinging at straws that someone out there might know of an alternative. thanks a million *)
boodlesdoodles Posts: 900
I would say your exhaustion could be down to the lack of iron, baby is most likely taking all of it. I had to stop taking iron on my first pregnancy too, but only because it made me so constipated, i never connected it to the awful ms i had, and i cant remember if the ms stopped when i stopped the iron, it was 14 years ago! Ive taken iron on and off over the years when run down, but i always take the Spatone supplement, mixed in orange juice and it never made me sick or caused constipation, so that might be an option for you.
boodlesdoodles Posts: 900 ... mum-to-be/ There you go, might be helpful.
Emme Posts: 4735
I can't seem to abide pregnacare but have no problem with the Sanatogen pre natals. Sorry if you have already tried!
Delphinium Posts: 3027
I'm pretty sure that all of the pregnancy ones contain iron . It does sound as if your exhaustion could be down to low iron on top of or caused by MS. If you are due to go for your hospital booking appointment soon you will have bloods taken at that point and that will confirm it. You can then discuss your options with your doctor or midwife and they should be able to advise about suitable supplements. I wouldn't take anything without confirming with the doctor first. Just take special care around taking any supplement not designed for pregancy as you can't take anything that contains Vitamin A - this can be toxic to a developing baby and has the potential to cause birth defects.
pag Posts: 633
I stopped taking iron last pregnancy as it was making me v constipated (sorry TMI!). However, I was subsequently told by midwife that you need to be very careful of when you take the supplements. If you don't have enough food in your stomach it will cause more issues. Have you tried different supplements at different times of the day? I am now taking pregnacare after my lunch in work. I can't take pregnaplan (think that's the name) and iron on its own makes me sick.