Recommended breast pump, breast pads and bottles/formula

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Fancy Nancy Posts: 71
Hi Ladies Was wondering if you could post up your top recommendation for 1. Breast pump 2. Breast pads 3. Baby bottles 4. Formula I need to start buying these things now so would really love to see what is most recommended. Thanks :compress
justwed09 Posts: 2349
by no means an expert, have only one LO at home (20 months) bt can review what I had on him and is using again this time round. 1. breast pump: i got the medula swing, expensive but oh my god so worth it. my friends had the hand pump ones and both caved in early and got his one on their next lo's. after 2 weeks i used to express for the night feed so dh could feed and i could sleep. i would get 3/4 oz (i had a good supply). i did sterlise th breast funnel part and it eventually went out of shape but i ordered a new ont this morning for £4 so not too bad, they say to sterlise them in cold water and milton, i didnt know that at the time. 2. breast pads Thank fully i never leaked much so just bought the johnson & johnson ones in boots 3. bottles: i loved teh tommee tippe close to nature ones and ds never had a problem from day one of a bottle making the change. they fit into the avent sterlisers too. using these again this time. 4. Formula I used sma gold after i weaned. the reason was because night 2 in the hostpial i was so so tired and ds wouldnt latch on so he screamed for hours, the midwife gave me a bottle of sma gold for him, i bottle feed him for the first 3 days ten went back to breast feeding exclusively for 9 weeks.
babyblaBBer Posts: 2448
weird, all of the same as the above except i also used lasinoh breast pads. mothercare own brand ones are [email protected]
Tassie Posts: 34
Had medela mini electric pump and would get 5oz a day from it, my supply was not very good. Wouldn't recommend it if you plan on expressing a lot. If this is the case I would say just get the electric swing one. Or a double one if the budget stretches that far. Used boots beast pads they done the job but then I didn't leak that much. Baby was weaned onto SMA gold and SMA hungrier baby after that and we haven't had any problems. Had no particular reason for choosing this brand, it just happen to be the only one our local shop had in stock. Used Dr brown bottles initially which are designed to reduce colic even though our baby didn't have any colic issues, I wouldn't recommend you bother with them unless you have to. They are fiddly to clean and leak all the time which is very frustrating. Got a few avent bottles free with my steriliser which i prefer they are easy cleaned and have never leaked on me. Got a digital avent steriliser, the idea is you will always have a sterile bottle in stock as it runs on a cycle throughout 24hrs. I wouldn't bother with this if you plan on making bottles in advance and storing them in fridge a basic microwave steriliser will do the job at a fraction of the price. Congrats on your pregnancy, wonderful wonderful times are ahead of you!