recommended bridal shops in dublin city centre

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July13 Posts: 21
Hi, Im a culchie venturing into dublin city centre soon to see some wedding dresses! Which shops do people reccommend going to and where are they? I will only be there for a short time so I will just be in and around city centre or there abouts....
MaggieSBride Posts: 399
Alexanders on Parnell st
queen30 Posts: 1551
I've just made appointments for Town Bride, DeStafford and Anabelle Rose. Havent been to any yet but Town Bride and DeStafford are right beside each other just off Grafton Street and Anabelle Rose is on Merriod Road.
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
There are a few around the Grafton Street area that are popular - Town Bride and Ciara Bridal are in Powerscourt, Aspirations on Dame Lane, deStaffords on Wicklow Street, Anabel Rose on Merrion Street.
sfd Posts: 41
Also Myrtle Ivory on Anne's Lane and Sharon Hoey on Upper Mount St - both v nice shops with a good range of dresses
pinklady2 Posts: 402
I can also recommend Myrtle Ivory fab dresses and the staff are really nice..Town Bride aswell in Powerscourt lovely again and I got my dress there so of course that is the best one to me.. :lvs
newed2011 Posts: 268
cwhyte1 Posts: 1
BEWARE of Aspirations Bridal - I order two bridesmaids dresses from this shop, and while I felt the owner Bridget was a little abrupt on our first two meetings, I believed that she was running a proffessional and well established shop so went ahead and ordered two fab and very expensive bridesmaids dresses. When I got a call to hear that they were in the month before the wedding, my bridesmaids and I were so excited to go and try on the dresses. My sister who is only a size 10, was a little distraught when she tried on the dress and realised it was very tight. Bridget immediately went into the changing room and ripped open the side seams, and reassured us all that it was no problem at all and there was plenty of room and it could be altered to fit. I also noted that there was buttons missing off the back of the other bridesmaids dress and Bridget told me they were on order. Two weeks later we went back - both of the girls so excited to try on the dressses.. no buttons, and no alterations to my sisters dress at all. All 3 of us had travelled a considerable distance so although disappointed, realised that mistakes could happen. We rearranged another appointment for the following week - still no buttons and the dress did not fit. Well to make a very long story short, Bridget was not only rude and abnoxious, instead of admitting that 1) they had ordered the wrong size dress and 2) they would not be able to alter it to fit properly, she told me that everything would be okay and I once again, went against my better judgement and left the dress with her.. I agreed to allow her to take some material off the back of the dress in order to ensure that the dress fitted appropriately. Three days before the wedding, we go back again, stressed to the gills.. heart in our mouth, praying the dress would look good... and I am not over exaggerating when I say that I would have done a better job myself .. it was disgraceful - Bridget then said that my sister had put on an extra 5 inches on her hips - only- and that it was all our own fault.. O:| Honestly, dont do this to yourselves .... there are so many good bridal shops out there - We ended up leaving the shop and going straight to a dress maker that a friend recomended.. she was absolutely horrified at the work that was done to the dress but managed to adjust it so that it looked okay on the day. I will never forget the stress and upset that she caused... the woman should not be allowed to be in business.
jezabelle Posts: 607
Alexander bridal on parnell st you need an appointment so ring asap if its for a Saturday, and hickeys on henry st no appointment needed so its handy to fit in!
hadtoleave Posts: 2522
I would definitely recommend De Staffords from the point of view of having such an amazing choice. I found my dress there on Saturday, made 3 appointments in Dublin as like yourself I was a culchie just up for the day. Had been to a couple of shops down in the west. De Staffords give you a gorgeous dressing room with loads of space and such an amazing choice of dresses so even if you don’t find the one you want at least you will be able to find the style that suits you. It is actually a really nice shopping experience. I went to Aspirations aswell and the dressing rooms are down on the back wall with just a curtain (they aren’t even as fancy as Topshop’s changing rooms!) and people off the street were in browsing around the shop while I was trying on dresses so it wasn’t the same “experience” if you know what I mean. The girl that worked in Aspirations was lovely but the owner kinda put me off. She keep cutting across the girl that was working there and then would come over and pin me in even tighter. The girl was doing a great job but just wasn’t let do it herself as the owner keep butting in. she actually pinned me in so tight that I could hardly breathe in order to make the dress look better! Just wasn’t too gone on her but then I was only there for an hour so this was just based on that one hour’s experience.