Hi all, When i was researching options for our first holiday with DD (18 months old), I found it hard to find any feedback on where is "good" for young kids so I thought I'd start a thread to help others & also start planning for next summer as I hope others will add to the thread with the good bits & bad bits about their own holiday! We are just back from [b:3306ckgb]Lanzarote[/b:3306ckgb] and found it great! There was DH, my Dad,our 18 month old daughter & I. We flew with Ryanair, stayed in Puerto Del Carmen (new town), booked accommodation via http://www.ownersdirect.co.uk & car hire through Hertz. Good things: 1. Well worth getting 1 priority boarding pass (at the airport) as it cut out loads of stress! DH paid the €6 & got on first to hold seats for us all together. Did the same on the way back. 2. Transfer from the airport to Puerto Del Carmen is only 10 mins! The furthest away resort is Playa Blanca which is less than 40 mins fro mthe airport in your own car. Obviously a charter bus is going to make lots of stops so will take longer. 3. If you hire a car (recommended) the car hire companies are all within 30 seconds walk of the baggage collection area in the arrivals & the actual cars are only a 2 min walk away. Petrol was 94c a litre so €35 to fill the car! We drove a lot and didn't even use a full tank! 4. You can book a taxi before you go with a carseat if you do not plan on hiring a car. Can't remember the website but easy to google! 5. It's very easy to drive around as there are only 3 main roads on the island & the signposting is great. There are good road maps for free in the tourist offices located on all the tourist strips. 6. Parking is free everywhere except for the Teguise market on a Sunday morning which is €1.50 7. The breeze during the day is lovely 8. The restaurants are nearly all really family friendly (although the high chairs may need a quick wipe & the waiters love giving kids sticky lollipops so you may want to intercept this practice!) 9. The beaches are lovely (€10 for 2 sun loungers & a brollie, €5.50 for one) 10. Highly recommend Texas Rancho Zoo & the Aquarium in Costa Teguise (if your kids like fish as it's pricey enough at €12 for adults) 11. Puerto Calero is worth a short visit but really just for lunch & a quick wander ... 2 hours is plenty of time there 12. Market in Teguise on a Sunday is good but it's hard to find "real" Lanzarote treasures. We got a couple of nice bits like a handmade little apron for DD & a couple of toys but all the bags, t-shirts, etc are just shipped in from China and it's the same tat that you buy on the strips on any resort. Still worth going though. Up on the highest level there are a couple of donkeys, a pig & a goat which kept DD entertained for ages! Beside the animals & the bouncy castle are some local food stands which were lovely. On the lower level is all the typical burger & chips options which were not so great! 13. Costa Teguise has a fab beach & a nice walk down the promenade 14. Playa Blanca was my favourite & if we ever go back to Lanzarote, we'll go there as the beach, port & accommodation are all in the one place. The restaurants are nice, the beach is white sand & it just felt a bit newer. 14. Peurto Del Carmen - Old Town ... this is down at the port and is nice to visit for dinner. Highly recommend Emma's Cantina which is great Mexican grub! The shopping centre is not very good although there's a big soft play area on the top level which is great for older toddlers & young kids. 15. The food was mostly good everywhere & they are all happy to do small portion from adults menus rather than just offering the usual burger & chips kids options. We only had one bad meal from a place called Terrazo in Puerto Del Carmen. Anyone we some too agreed that it was awful. The tip is to choose restaurants that specialize in one main area... i.e. Italian / Chinese, etc. The ones that do everything (pizza, pasta, fish, steak, ice cream, crepes, etc) tend to be pretty average. We stayed in a villa so had BBQ one night & 3 takeouts but went out the other 6 nights we were there. 16. Found http://www.ownersdirect.co.uk great for accommodation. The owners are all English & Irish I think and the couple we rented from gave us loads of info, e.g. best restaurants, best things to do, etc. They also left us nappies, breakfast, water, tea, etc as they knew we were getting in at 7pm and would need stuff for the morning. They also left paddling pool, bath toys, beach toys, beach towels, etc to borrow. They did not charge for this (but some do & some charge cot hire too so make sure to ask questions!) 17. Lots of small supermarkets around so handy enough to get bits & pieces as we went. 18. Great deals in all the pharmacies on P20 sun screen if that's what you use ... i.e. €14 instead of €30 at home! Bad things: 1. Rather than being at the door of the plane, the buggy was in the baggage collection area in Lanzarote on a different belt to the other luggage. It's a fair walk so recommend a sling for babies or strong arms... (Coming back we could bring the buggy right up to the door though). 2. Car Hire ... we booked through Hertz & went for a car type that we knew would fit our buggy i.e. VG Golf or Toyota Auris. But they tried to give us a Seat Leon which is smaller & doesn't fit the buggy so was a bit stressful. He tried to upsell us to the next level but we spotted keys for an Auris and he eventually agreed we could have that! The car was 3 years old & pretty scratched up but fuel efficiency was fab. Car seats are pretty poor standard and the Hertz rep refused to fit it for us until we made a fuss. We had to try & fit it ourselves & then insisted that he came out with us to double check it. I had a look into the other car hire stands & the car seats all seemed a bit old & worn. DD was happy enough but it just seemed old iykwim! 3. It can be hard to find parking & due to the one way systems we often had to drive around a fair bit trying to find a space on the main strip but once you're down early (by 10am) you'll be fine! 4. There are some funny road rules, e.g. you always drive on the outside lane of a roundabout and you indicate left when stopping at a pedestrian crossing but traffic is very light & it really is easy to drive there. 5. Although the breeze is lovely during the day, the first couple of nights were very cold (as in needed jeans & jumper at 8pm) and the noise of the wind at night kept us awake. The doors rattle with it & we were in a new build with proper door insulation so be careful to ask about the wind noise when choosing accommodation as one couple we met had booked through Thomson and had to complain about the noise because the doors were banging all night. 6. Nowhere seems to heat the pool past May & the water was freezing. DD loves swimming but refused to get into the pool as it was too cold :( Will defo ask about heat of the pool before we decide where to go next year! 7. Don't book outside Puerto Del Carmen, Costa Teguise or Playa Blanca as some other so called "resorts" like Matagorda are really really quiet. Grand if you have a car but ... Think that's all. I would definitely recommend Lanzarote and will definitely go back there when DD is older & new baby is 3+ as we would love to go to the water park, fire mountain, play mini golf, go to the soft play areas, etc but we felt DD was too young for these activities. 10 days is the perfect amount of time as I think 2 weeks may get boring to be honest but that may just be me! Hopefully others will have recommendations too as I want to start planning next year's trip to have something to look forward too!