Recording Session in the Twelve for Hen party

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lh2013 Posts: 28
Hi All I know I should place this in the Hen section but I thought i might get a better response here! We are thinking about doing the X-factor package for the hen in The Twelve in Barna. It includes a recording session with all the Hens. I was just wondering has anyone done this and if you have would you recommend it?
Smiley13 Posts: 215
I haven't done the one in Barna, but I did the one in Popstar Studio in Dublin. It was the funniest night with all the girls. We were a bit nervous / giddy at the start but we all screamed our heads off and laughed throughout the songs. The cds are such a great keepsake and I laugh every time I listen to the songs. I would totally recommend the experience.
lh2013 Posts: 28
Thanks a million for your reply Smiley13. :) I thought it would be something different and good fun.