Hello ladies, I've just found out that I'm miscarrying my third baby in a row. I have two beautiful girls, no trouble carrying or having them and now I find that I can't carry a third pregnancy. My first pregnancy was a 'normal' miscarriage at 6 weeks, I bled at home and it was as straightforward as a miscarriage can be. My second was a mmc. I thought i was 11 weeks but after a bleed, a scan told us that the baby was gone at 6 weeks. Had a d&c. This time around my obgyn ran a whole series of tests incl chromosomal on me and my husband, everything came back fine. I was put on baby aspirin and progesterone pesseries from about 6 weeks. I had a scan at 9 weeks which showed (a very faint) heartbeat. Looking back now, i know i was brought back yesterday because my gyny wasn't happy with previous scan but didn't tell us. Turns out the baby passed shortly after that scan. I should've been 11 weeks and it was only measuring 9 weeks. Have a follow up scan to confirm next week and am booked in for a d&c a few days later. So here I am posting this. I'm 38 btw, i asked my gyny was it my age causing this, she said potentially, but that i was still young and that we are just 'very unlucky'. That's not a diagnosis, that's no good to us. I really want answers but I feel they won't come. My gyny will be sending the foetal tissue away for testing after d&c. So what am I to do? I've heard so many women having their rainbow babies after taking aspirin and progesterone, so i was convinced this one was gonna stick. Has anybody had a similar story & eventually had a healthy baby? I'm not sure if I even want to put myself through this again but I really need some hope. I'm in Limerick btw but would travel for more specific expertise if I needed to. Anyway, any advice would be so greatly appreciated. xx