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teletubby Posts: 406
Hi All, Does anyone know where I could hire a red carpet? mayowedding bells is booked :(. Has anyone had an aisle runner in their church? I just saw a website for aisle runners and they look cool but think they might be very anerican. What are your opinions on them and are they dear comparing to a red carpet. :thnk O-O
claire sheerin Posts: 295
Michael Sheerin from Dublin does fabulous red carpets, he's a supplier on wol. You'll find him in the suppliers directory, I don't think he has a website. Also, there's a crowd from Ballinasloe that do great wedding carpets I meet them at weddings, they're called Royces, here's their link: Hope this is of help Claire
streaks Posts: 3592
Hi teletubby, could you borrow it from your hotel and get a friend to roll it up and return if after the ceremony in time for your arrival at the hotel? Friends of ours did this at a mayo wedding last year! T was free too so aid save a few jingles hth :wv