Red mark on face, help!

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glowgal Posts: 949
Hi girls, I had a small cyst removed a few months ago from my face and its not healing as well as I thought. Basically I am now left with a slight indentation that is pink/red in colour. I can cover it well with make up but its getting me down. I went back to my doctor who referred me in the first place and I asked if it would get any better, he said leave it for a least a year before doing anything else!! :o( I was told by the consultant who did it that it would heal in a matter of weeks and now Im left with this red mark that may never go away. Does anyone know of any cream or treatments that can help with this sort of thing? By the way tried bio oil and it seemed to aggravate it more. Thanks
chefmaid Posts: 2426
try some vitiam e capules. Break open the capules and rub it on the mark. Worked for me on a red scar i got from a burn on my arm
glowgal Posts: 949
Thanks Chefmaid, sounds like it could be worth a try.