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glauchers Posts: 162
Hi Girls, Im 28 weeks today, and for the last 2 days babs movements have definately changed. Yesterday was very quite, then lots of movement last night. Today felt lots of kicks before lunch, but nothing since. Up until this babs would always move first thing in the morning, lunch and evening. Is this normal? or has anyone experienced anything like this? Had my 28 week scan on friday ( few days early cos of Bank Holiday) and everything was fine, apart from placenta is still low lying.I Just cant relax because of this. I couldn't cope if anything was to go wrong :o(
theoracle Posts: 7664
Movements can change quite a bit as the baby is able to do sommersaults in there at around this stage, and be facing differently. If his/hers little legs and arms are facing inward, the movements will be more cushioned and will feel more muffled. If you haven't felt anything for a while drink a cold fizzy drink and then lie down for a while so that you are able to notice the movement more.. The sugar rush usually makes them jump around a bit! If after half an hour you still feel nothing then maybe give hospital a ring, but I am sure all is fine pet. 28 weeks is still quite early to feel the movements regular and strong, some ladies only start feeling them at 26 weeks on the first pregnancy.