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daddyrchips Posts: 51
I was just wondering if anyone has reduced their working hours in the last few weeks of pregnancy? If so who did you talk to about it first, your own Doctor or company Nurse? I am 32w3days and feeling very tired and slow already, the day is very long 8.30 - 5.00. Thanks :thnk
newyearbabs Posts: 686
Hi daddyrchips I'm seriously considering reducing working hours soon too. Hoping for 3day week Fingers crossed. I'm going to have a chat with my gp I work for small co. so don't have company nurse. Going to talk to boss soon don't feel I can do it much longer but am trying to hold out as long as I can because i'm only 28.5wks and reckon its too early to be this tired! Have you visit with doc soon that you could say it too him/her?
daddyrchips Posts: 51
Thanks Newyearbabs , ya I have visit next week with my Doc so I'll bring up the subject with her then, I'd love a 3 day week sounds great good luck with that !! Even if I got a later start in the morning and finish earlier I'd be delighted. Either way 40 hour weeks are not suiting me or the babs now.
[email protected] Posts: 492
Girls, good luck with the reduced hours. Just for your info maybe get you iron level checked with your GP, i felt terrible at this stage last pregnancy 29/30 weeks and it turned out my haemoglobin was very low so needed double doses of iron to get it up before the baby was born. Once my iron level started to increase i felt super so have been very careful to take my galfer religiously this time. Take care
breeze Posts: 1175
I guess i should count myself lucky so. I only do a 3day week doing 12hrs and i am just knackered by 1pm, plus i have a day off in between Im hoping to finish up the end of november is possible
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I cut down to a 3 day week from 8 months or so,its up to you,your the only one who can say if your able for it!!! I found it great