Redundancy & TTC

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MRSHAPPY07 Posts: 464
Hey girls, I might have the wrong forum but just wondering if anyone has come across a suitation regarding Redundancy & TTC? We have been trying for a couple of months and no go so not giving up trying but now have been informed that more than likely I will be made redundant at xmas. Does anyone know ur entitlements regarding this, say for example if i did get a BFP n the next few weeks, i would be entitled to jobseekers benefit but what happened then, if i find a job will i not be entitled to maternity payment from the governement if i am not in the job for 2yrs? Hope I am not confusing ye.. Any comments wd be delighted to hear..
aston Posts: 4100
Hi MRSHAPPY07, Sorry to hear about the redundancy and best of luck with the ttc! I would recommend that you post this query on the ttc section as theres bound to be someone who can answer your question there. best of luck :wv
MrsJayKay Posts: 3025
Once you are in employment you will be entitled to maternity benefit regardless of how long you are in the job. The amount of the payment depends on how much you earned the previous tax year up to the maximum payment of €280.00 per week . There's not too much difference in the lowest amount or the highest amount really. Best of luck with TTC.