i think most of ye know i'm doing the marathon at the end of October. I've decided to dedicate the run to Hubbies late nephew who passed away at only 13 days old. He was born with a hole in his heart and spent time at Crumlin hospital where they did everything they could for him. After speaking to my Brother-in-law and his wife about raising funds for something relevant, they decided on the parent accommodation that allowed them to spend as much time with their son as possible, as they didn't live locally. I know we're in the thick of the big 'R' and people don't have much to spare at the mo, and in no way will i be judging anyone who can't/doesnt want to donate, but you know yourselves, i'm trying to raise as much as possible for this great cause and would appreciate any loose bit of change or anything that anyone could add to the pot. Cheers in advance ladies. http://www.cmrf.org/SponsorshipManager/ ... ventId=398 xxx