Refeeding on Lipotrim? Help please

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mullingarbride Posts: 45
Hi, Ive just started on Lipo but I have a night out on the 19th (my xmas pressie from hubbie) and Ill need to be able to drink alcohol and a have a small meal. Can I drink while re feeding? Whats the best drink to drink so I dont blow my diet completly? I dont want to break my diet but he put alot of thought into the night (tickets, a meal and a night in a hotel) I dont want to tell him Ive to sit there with a sparkling water all night.
HELLY07 Posts: 10
maybe stick to spirits, i broke my diet too when i was re-feeding and went out for a night out, drank vodka and diet coke all night and ate a big meal, felt rotton the next day but when i was weighed i still lost 3lb, so just make sure and go straight back onto to diet and be careful drinking, you will get drunk quicker because your body hasn't much food in it!!! Enjoy your night