Reflexology before 12 weeks???

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proud mamaof1 Posts: 825
Does anyone know if you can have reflexology prior to 12 weeks. I had an appt made for this week but I found out at my scan last week that I am 2 weeks less than I thought i.e. I will be 10 on Sunday coming as opposed to 12. The reflexology person says I can but I thought I had heard before you shouldn't prior to 12 weeks.
mrswifey Posts: 775
Haven't had it done, but seeing as they do it for fertility and to aid conception etc... I would imagine it's safe girl.
oldlangsayne Posts: 448
My reflexologist told me its not recommended before 16 weeks, but she said if I was stressed and not sleeping or anything like that that I could go to her and that she would just concentrate on those points. As it turned out I was so sick for the first 13 weeks I didnt stress so never went to her!