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Diddles25 Posts: 181
Im sure this has been done to death but could anyone tell me when all the paperwork has to be done, do i have to register my wedding or something? Its 11 months away, id rather get things done as soon as possible because my home life is heltic and want to get things out of the way
MrsK2012 Posts: 905
Hiya! I got this from the HSE website 'Anyone who intends to get married in the Republic of Ireland must give three months notification to a Registrar in person and by prior appointment only. In order to arrange this we advise that once you know the date of your marriage you make an appointment as early as possible with a Registrar.' Have a look at the HSE website - it tells you everything you need to know :) We are getting married next July but we've already made an appoinment to meet with the registrar in you, we just want to get it out of the way.
thrilledskinny Posts: 146
Hi there I am a bit like that too with regard to being organised and getting things out of the way. We rang the HSE last June and they gave us an appointment for the first week of November this year. We are getting married in July 2012. Hope this helps