Registering marraige! Urgent help

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Mrs-Byrne Posts: 236
Oh my god girls, I'm a dunder head. Have an appointment to register marraige tomorro and I thought the compulsory documents said to bring baptismal cert, but it's not, u have to bring birth cert! Does anyone no where I can get this for tomoroo or will they accept anything else! Have been tryin to call them all mornin! Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
dexavia Posts: 242
do you need the original? If not, got to the births marriges and deaths place - que up and get a copy.
Excited2010 Posts: 777
I hadnt got mine with me so they looked it up on the computer for me. You register your marriage where you register your birth so they can look them up. Ring them to confirm but dont panic you should be fine
Mrs-Byrne Posts: 236
No don't think u need original, I'm just tryin to call them now, so fingers crossed. I saw on legal and religious, a girl heard when she was registering that if u call half hour before they would arrange for u! Thanks for ur replies.
mameme Posts: 94
Unless you were born in another country and don't have an irish birthcert you should have no problem! Ring them and confirm! :) Oh and relax! O-O
Mrs-Byrne Posts: 236
Just got through to them, he said once I wasn't adopted just come in earlier and they'd get it for me no problem! Phew! They are really nice in there. Panic over! Thanks a mill again for the reassurance
GalBride Posts: 444
Don't panic! It is all done in the same building - births, deaths and marriages. We got our original cert a couple of minutes before we registered our marriage and that was only 2 weeks ago. Just give yourself a couple of minutes to get it printed and they will photocopy it for you too. I was in the same panic :o0
mrsmaybride2010 Posts: 843
hi there we registered last week and the girl told us that could have printed ours off there. we ordered ours online and it was 30.00 she said they only charge 10.00